They have had seperate visits to the vet before, but have not been away from each other for more than 2 hours. Seems very fearful of us, and going too close to house. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Have you ever bothered to know how to tell if your cat is undergoing some problems? this Thursday just to be sure there isn’t another Lincoln didn’t give the vet any problems at all. She said maybe it was because of other animals there barking etc. X-rays might be required to see what went wrong if the cat goes through terrible pain but fractures are rarely present since cats don’t have so much strength. To keep everyone safe in the meantime, confine your cat to an area of the house where you can keep all interactions with her to a minimum and have a responsible person supervise her. I’m so sorry, Mary. They will eventually get used to the other cat being around, but will probably never be buds. There are other fruits and vegetables which can create a similar shock for the cat. Cat meows deeply like she's in pain when we're not with her. This bothered me, when we took him back 2nd day we asked the tech why he was acting like this, they didn’t know they said it was just antibiotics that they gave him. About 3 weeks later he came home but he is not the same cat. Content may not be reproduced without prior written consent. And we haven’t had her temperature taken for a number of years. Advertising products, events, or animals for sale. Try using something like waterless shampoo (for cats) or even dawn to wipe her down to get rid of the scent of the vet. I’ve been feeding her but she won’t come out to eat unless I leave and close the back door. Once you get her inside, you have a better chance of trying to figure out what’s going on with her. A fearful cat is a stressed cat. (self.Pets). View our Privacy Policy. I can’t believe it’s the same cat. Why is my cat scared all of a sudden? I can highly recommend Mikel Delgado and Dr. Marci Koski Both offer remote consultations. Add four drops to your cat’s food or water. I used to leave the food UNDER her hiding place , a big stand up saw, but now I can put it next to it and she will eat when I leave. One cat being aggressive to other cat after vet visit. Fear or anxiety is more than just an emotional problem for cats. Our 10 yr old cat was acting oddly. If this is a sudden change in demeanor, there will be a fear-based explanation. If a cat is suddenly scared of everything, consider if anything in its life is different. If you have one of those fearful cats, you already know that her fear may be affecting her quality of life. We've tried the pheromone sprayers, and it helped her be less aggressive with our other cat, but she's still super scared. Why do I feel like taking care of a cat is mentally exhausting? This is the kind of non-recognition aggression you may see when one cat comes home from the veterinary clinic and is either hissed at or actually attacked. My last cat had to have a pill every day and while she never liked it, she got very blase about it. I was going back and reading some of your older posts and wanted to comment on this one, hope you don’t mind. Did you know that you can actually find the word “scaredy-cat” in the Merriam Webster dictionary? Try. There’s a type of aggression that occurs between cats in the same household after a veterinary visit that can be easily prevented with a little planning. *. Help me think of a pet care name for my friends company! The other cats obligingly turn the shrinking violet kitty into a punching bag. However, I just had to bring one to the vet for some tests and she had spent a couple hours away from home while the other stood back. A neighbor’s yard. He was still little scared the 2nd day but nothing like he came back acting like from the first day. I’m so sorry, Kim, your poor kitty! To do this, move your cat’s bowl of food or lure your cat closer with a … My older cat, my boy, had surgery on Sunday for an ear hematoma and has to wear one of those cones for probably three weeks. Segregate an ill cat from the others, especially if they're treating it poorly. He has never had a problem going to vet and been multiply times and never came back acting like this. She only growled and grumbled a little bit when the vet examined her. Yep. I don’t think my cats handling the move well. That seems like a long time to me for a cat to be traumatized by a negative experience. By leaving a comment, you agree with the collection of your data by this website as per our Privacy Policy. These cats need to be approached with care and understanding, not brute force. If your cat seriously threatens you, another person, or another pet—and the behavior isn't an isolated incident—you should seek help as soon as possible from a cat behavior specialist. Sometimes it is difficult to notice when your cat is … Guardians and veterinary staff must stop accepting that fear is normal in a veterinary setting, and focus on recognizing and relieving anxiety rather than reinforcing it. But they go above and beyond to make her as comfortable as possible. I have never seen him act like this and this was not the first time he had ever seen the Vet. There have been times when we ended the exam early because it was just too much. Lasma lasma 20,974 views. Whenever Katie is coming in, they allow extra time so that they can go very, very slow. Came home stayed under couch for 2 days…….no food , no water. Try using something like waterless shampoo (for cats) or even … We had to take him to veterinarian in Dec 2019 he had a respiratory infection but it had not gone down in lungs. Today the 3rd day, he is still jumpy and been very quiet the last 3 days. My boyfriend thinks that after the cat gets her surgery for her dental disease she will smell better and our other cat will like her more, but I'm not sure. And I know this is incredibly stressful for you, too. We are now into the eleventh day since her Vet appt. Had to chase her all over the house to get her into carrier which make her shriek in terror. At least then, you could get her inside the house into a closed off room, and you could start working with her to regain her trust in a controlled environment. She is also using the Litter box as well. I would continue to try to get her inside – if you have to, you may need to consider a humane trap. I am just not understanding why my cat is so traumatized by the visit. Limit your time in the waiting room The smells and sounds of the waiting room experience might make your cat feel scared, which can make you feel stressed, too - something your pet is bound to pick up on, and can in turn increase her fear even further. If you have lost a pet - contact local authorities and shelters, and post in your local subreddit. 1:01. When they sleep together and groom each other, their individual scents intermingle. Ask guests to let your cat approach them instead of approaching him. Amy Shojai January 23, 2018. Aggression is usually the last resort but it is often violent and over time may become learnt. He developed what they called “stress diarrhea” and his hair came out in clumps. It's not that your cat smells of the vet but that when he came back he may have been scared about his visit and has been reacting differently to your ther cat. Ever since he has had that cone on, when he tries to approach his best friend, my docile girl, she freaks out, hissing and growling. She acts like she doesn’t know who we are. We noticed he started coughing again recently thinking he probably did not get over the December infection. This time when we brought the sick (she had a cold)cat home, the healthy one hid from her. I believe it has something to do with a very traumatic incident when she was quite young. If you see symptoms of lethargy, heavy bleeding, puncture wounds, swellings or lumps on their skin or if the cat is limping then you need to take the cat to a veterinarian to assess the damage. A continued or frequent stress response can affect the heart, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, and immune system. Happens every time one goes to the vet -- I have had cats all my life (I am 50). [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children). When we brought her home she retreated to hide under the bed, The cat angry to toy tiger after visit the vet - Duration: 1:01. Even walking odd, his pupils dilated, just very scared. Chronic stress has also been linked to urinary tract problems in cats. This can be due to some reasons. |help| i'm very interested in getting a new pet, a type of bug specifically. It can also cause many serious physical health problems and aggravate others. Peppercorn does not smell like "herself" to the other cat. Poor boy. The cause of this type of aggression is not fully understood. There’s no question that vet visits are important, but muscling cats who are fearful into diagnostics or procedures does not serve anyone. Fear and anxiety are common for cats when they have to visit the veterinarian, and for far too long, this has been accepted as “that’s just way cats are” by both cat guardians and veterinarians. I'll look into the waterless shampoo for her next visit. Identify which simple changes you could make to prevent and alleviate their feline fears. I can’t even imagine how devastating this must be for you and your husband. But he was still his normal playful self during all of that. The vets and techs LOVE this carrier because it’s so easy to open and close during the visit. She is most aggressive around mealtime and when I went to bed with lots of hissing, growling, swatting. If that’s the case, the cat’s guardian needs to be extra vigilant to monitor for any changes, which is clearly what you did. Often, this is great for easygoing cats as well. Some of them include sedatives that your vet may have used, the stress of having to sit in a car for a long while, or any other experiences your cat may have had at the vet, or on the way. Fortunately, Lincoln seemed to view it as a big adventure and didn’t appear scared. It will never be stress free for Katie. 5 Things I Did Wrong When I Took My Cat to the Vet. Ask your guests to squat or sit down so they seem smaller and less intimidating to your cat. He was scared to death, would hiss at his brother and jump at any kind of sound. Cats who are scared from the moment they enter a veterinary practice (and often even before that, when they are put in a carrier at home,) will not show the same behaviors or symptoms they may have shown in the safety of their own home. Are there some signs to show that your cat will be scared soon. When I saw it I could hardly believe how much fur he lost. We took her to vet. HELP?, Cats, 65 replies Family can't afford vet bill to fix pup; vet to put pup down; so teen kidnaps own pup from vet to save it, Dogs, 51 replies Brother shoved an older woman at my father's nursing mother is scared of him., Psychology, 27 replies Spraying m… I have a very playful cat who will be 4 years old in June, we have two other cats with one being his brother. An even bigger concern is that a negative experience at the veterinary clinic will traumatize cats and can have lingering effects on the cat’s emotional health and ultimately, her physical health. When we picked him back up the first day, at about 2 pm in afternoon, he was completely traumatized the rest of the night. Feline Non-Recognition Aggression: 4 Tips for Reintroducing Your Cats After One Returns From the Vet. It is imperative that cat guardians and veterinarians work together to reduce the stress of vet visits. One of our cats has been aggressive to our other cat (and sometimes us) since last night when we brought our other cat back from an all day vet appointment. Cat came home from vet, and now our other cat doesn't recognize him. If you want to survive the dreaded vet visit with your feline friend come take a look at these 5 steps to calm your cat down at the vet. It’s also possible that the staff at this particular vet clinic is not trained well in handling fearful cats. Cat Fight! Asking for financial assistance or vote begging. Your cat may have encountered a predator and no longer feels safe. They’re probably being aggressive now because the cat who went to the vet now smells different. Popcorn has never been a fan of the vet, but we still took him every year for his annual check up. The first step to changing this dynamic is for cat guardians and veterinary staff to be able to identify the signs of fear. First time visitors: please read our Comment Guidelines. All Rights Reserved. I would be concerned that there’s something else going on. They may hear their housemate screaming in the other carrier, adding … She growls and howls and everyone can hear her all the way to the waiting room, even though the vet and tech are being very careful with her. The next step is to decrease the distance between your cat and your other pet by a few inches. One cat being aggressive to other cat after vet visit. She’s hanging out in our yard, but won’t come near myself or husband. Yep. So from now on, anytime I need to take Isabelle to the vet, I will also take Lincoln to help keep her calm. your cat will be scared soon. Generally people advise isolating the cat who went to the vet for 2-3 days until its smell returns to normal before re-integrating the cat because it can cause problems like this. Fortunately I have a very cat-friendly clinic we visit with an extremely patient and caring staff. So to help your scared cat be happy again, try following the tips and advice on these pages. My 10 year old Siamese mix, Isabelle is terrified of the vet. I had no idea my older cat would hiss when my little one got back from the vet. Disruption to routine makes a cat skittish. If stress affects blood tests, how can we depend on their accuracy when taken at the vets office? This poster is correct. Cats who are scared from the moment they enter a veterinary practice (and often even before that, when they are put in a carrier at home,) will not show the same behaviors or symptoms they may have shown in the safety of their own home. She was always skittish with strangers, but never us, other than fear of bags (maybe from her kittenhood – she’s a rescue at a few months old). It sounds like your vet is doing everything right, Debbie – I LOVE hearing that. issue going on. Rendered by PID 2927 on r2-app-02ab7214f0395530d at 2020-12-03 20:56:33.247876+00:00 running 0188fc8 country code: US. The cat will not forget, and will only be even more scared and more difficult to handle at the next visit. She has bad anxiety so that seems the most tolerable option. It must have been hard for you that he died in his sleep, but don’t we all wish we could go like that? If you have found a lost pet - call your local Shelter. Yes she is eating (but small amounts) and drinking water. The longer the cat stays (as in when our female tortoiseshell stayed 3 days) the longer the hissing goes on. Notice of a dying pet or pet that has passed on. This change in behavior is what is causing your other cat to react aggressivily towards them. I adopted a kitten who was abandoned by the mother. We use Feliway before and after to keep him calm and it works well for him-Our Vet is also treating his anxiety with medicine as well as she says his anxiety and stress he also experiences contributes to these infections-. Toward the end of his life when he began showing signs of aging I did take him in to see if he needed pain meds but the vet said no he was fine except for some arthritis in his back and to bring him back in 6 months. Still trying to lure her with food but it’s not working. By moving slowly, speaking with quiet voices, handling the cat gently and with a minimum of restraint and giving plenty of treats before, during and after the exam, veterinarians and staff can make a vet visit as pleasant as possible for scared cats. It sounds like she was really traumatized by the vet appointment, but even at that, this sounds like pretty extreme behavior. As a result, he lived a long and happy life. My current cat has allergies and as a result has to have medicine or … Under some equipment outside. Just died in his sleep, totally unexpected but understandable. However, if we see that a cat is hiding and doesn't want to come out, seems scared of other people or is overly alert to stimuli, it is possible they are in pain. Sometimes he will let us pet him, but other times he runs away, hiding until we are out of sight. Here's what I'll do differently next time. The returning cat is unrecognizable and/o… We did manage to get some down him during that time. The vet has been really good with my cat and I do trust the Veterinarian. Housecall vets can be a good option for fearful cats, although for some cats, having a stranger come into their territory may be equally stressful. I use Feliway, Spirit Essences and I always bring Katie in a large round Sleepypod. [–]waffle_shirts[S] 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (3 children). There was a lot of hissing and some mild fighting in the beginning, but they got used to each other after a few weeks. TLDR: My cat is scared of being picked up, people moving near her, and is aggressive towards our other cat, even after 6 years. Cat Fight! [–]endoftheline22 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (4 children). Since stress affects body chemistry, blood and urine samples collected during an exam will be skewed by the cat’s stress response to the situation. Play and food therapy can help to build up trust and confidence. The cat that went to the vet joined the family almost two years ago after our other cat passed away and the cats never bonded as well, but aggression was rare. Treating fear in cats The first thing to do when we see our cat displaying signs of excessive fear is to take them to the vet. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 2927 on r2-app-02ab7214f0395530d at 2020-12-03 20:56:33.247876+00:00 running 0188fc8 country code: US. I recently took our cat (10 yrs. He had seen this same vet prior in Dec. and never acted like this. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. You may want to look for a cat-friendly or Fear Free certified vet clinic, or find a housecall vet for future vet visits. How can I help my traumatized cat? If a cat isn’t socialized properly they can be afraid. I was going to say, if your cat needs something long-term, I think they grow to understand and accept it. Vet took blood sample, gave her an antibiotic, cut one toe nail. She was clogged up all the way to her small intestines. My anxiety-riddled cat tried to kill the vet. I was not able to pick him up today my son took him since I had to work. Just adopted my first kitten Monday and she’s been having really bad diarrhea ever since, what can I do to help? old) to the Vet due to changes in her Felines that act like a victim may as well wear a “kick me” sign. Having to leave him there because they were “too busy” probably compounded the problem – I don’t think that’s an acceptable reason to hospitalize an already stressed cat. I am going to call and talk to Vet and ask them Monday, but it just bothers me right now. Why Cat Friends Fuss After Vet Visits. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: and join one of thousands of communities. My mom’s cat hardly ever sheds but after a trip to the vet it comes out almost in clumps. Once when I had two and both went to the vet - no hissing! If they see a cucumber and don't expect it to be near them, they might think they are about to be attacked. When a cat is ill, its body chemistry can make it smell different and other cats often change their behavior toward it even before the vet visit. It’s no secret that Katie is very scared of the vet. They’re probably being aggressive now because the cat who went to the vet now smells different. Oh no I've never heard of that and now I feel bad! Maybe it was because treats were involved. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a flower essence which can help calm a scared or anxious cat. He howled and hissed and growled and bit and scratched to a point where they had to sedate him just go get him out of the carrier.